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About us

About Nanotech International for Industry and Trade:

    Established as an Egyptian company in 2008 to provide all new in the field of solar energy. At the same time, a unique step has been taken through establishing another company in China “Sino Tech” which is responsible for the quality control process for our products, so as to guarantee that the best quality is delivered to our clients. Furthermore, we are aiming to become a focal point for Egyptian - Chinese companies in both countries.
    We provide high quality products and competitive services in different business market such as new and renewable energy, technology transfer, environmental projects and power generation projects In the field of import we are specialized in providing “total solar solution” such as solar street lights, solar water heaters and water pumping systems, house hold lightening, garden lights and traffic lights


We providing radical solutions to the shortage of electricity supply for individuals and investors with clean, efficient and reliable high quality products and services in the field of energy to business, hospitality and high class residential customers in Egypt to better meet growing electricity needs.


Cleaner environment for future generations and redound for home services.